Ferrari Leather Jacket, Formula 1 Racing Real Leather Hand Made Jacket for Men

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  • Rare Collector's Item: Introducing the Rare Red Jacket worn by Michael Schumacher during his iconic 2002 Formula 1 World Championship victory with Ferrari. This vintage piece is a true gem for motorsport enthusiasts and collectors, representing a momentous era in Formula 1 history.

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Crafted to exact specifications and adorned with the signature Ferrari branding, this jacket is an authentic replica of the one worn by the legendary Michael Schumacher. Its rarity and historical significance make it a prized collector's item for fans of the sport.

  • Iconic Design: Featuring Ferrari's iconic red color scheme and emblazoned with Schumacher's name and number, this jacket captures the essence of Formula 1 racing at its peak. The sleek silhouette and attention to detail reflect the precision and performance synonymous with the Ferrari brand.

  • Premium Quality Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this jacket offers both style and durability. The soft, breathable fabric ensures comfort, while the meticulous craftsmanship guarantees a garment of exceptional quality that stands the test of time.

  • Collector's Edition: As a rare collector's edition piece, this jacket is a valuable addition to any memorabilia collection. Whether displayed in a showcase or worn with pride, it serves as a tangible reminder of Michael Schumacher's legendary career and his historic achievements with Ferrari.

  • Limited Availability: Due to its rarity, the Rare Red Jacket Michael Schumacher Ferrari Formula 1 World Champion 2002 Vintage is available in limited quantities. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Formula 1 history and pay tribute to one of the greatest drivers of all time.

  • Statement Piece: Make a statement with this iconic jacket, celebrating the legacy of Michael Schumacher and his unparalleled success with Ferrari. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a collector of motorsport memorabilia, this jacket is sure to be a cherished and highly sought-after item.


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These jackets are made from premium hides, such as full-grain cowhide or lambskin, which are selected for their exceptional quality and texture. The leather is meticulously treated to enhance its natural beauty and durability, resulting in a soft and supple feel.

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